Franchise CRMs messages are great opportunity to get the right messages to both leads and prospects but sending templated messages found on the internet instead of thinking through the right messaging for the library of different emails you send out is lazy and hurts your sales efforts.

Here’s an example of a franchise message that is programmed into a franchisor’s CRM.

Now we have been reviewing franchise sales CRM email messages for a very long time for our clients and the Alligator??? message copy is being used by more than a few franchisors and by many more lazy salespeople selling all manner of products or services so chances are that this unimaginative message is being sent by your competition too.

It make get opened since the subject line is Alligators??? and quickly dispatched to the trash bin.

This email is a Hail Mary pass to an inquiry who the franchise sales team has been unsuccessful in getting on the phone.

The reasons why are unknown to the franchise salesperson since they almost always don’t know much about the inquirer, it could be that the timing isn’t right yet for the lead, they are unqualified to buy the franchise, they found something else or decided for now to sit pat comfortably or uncomfortably with their status quo.

What is fairly certain is that an Alligators??? email is lame and unpersuasive.

Most of all this weak message wreaks of desperation and people do not want to buy from someone who is desperate, especially with something so big and consequential as a franchise investment.

So stop with the Alligators???, develop thoughtful CRM messages you can be proud of that are persuasive and work.

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