Franchise recruitment selling is a long cycle complex sale that requires a particular set of sales skills that you must master to win more with your recruitment of new franchise owners.

Here is what accomplished franchise sellers understand and are always taking into account while prospecting for leads and working with qualified candidate.

  1. Franchises are not required purchases for people like transactional consumer goods such as automobiles, appliances, home & car insurance, etc…are and often prospects advance through the franchise purchase process and then stick with their status quo. What the accomplished franchise sellers do that others do not is they recognize a candidate’s choice to stick with their status quo is often temporary and more about whether the timing is right for a franchise investment than about the franchise itself so they keep in touch so when things do change they will be there for their prospect.
  2. Know that the franchise sales processes are not linear. They are consistently observing what people do and say during their sales process interactions realizing that often the best way to help advance a person forward is to take them backward to an earlier stage of the process to ensure their candidate is comfortable with what they need to know before moving forward. 
  3. Following the franchise sales process is important and it’s more important to tailor and curate the process for your franchise candidates. Accomplished franchise sellers get that prospective franchise investors don’t need to know everything about your the franchise in order to make an investment decision they need to know the things that are important for them to know for their unique decision making process. 

You too can become a more accomplished franchise seller.

It is within your reach with practice and commitment to improvement.

If you need a hand with your franchise selling we can help you.

Drop us line if you want to chat about your franchising and how to improve what you are doing.

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