To leverage LinkedIn effectively for the Selective Recruitment Strategy (SRS) with the aim of attracting multi-unit operators and real estate developers, you’ll want to implement our multi-faceted marketing plan that makes the most of LinkedIn’s unique networking capabilities. 

Here’s Franchisor Sales Org’s structured approach:

 1. Objective:

– Primary Goal: To increase exposure and engagement with multi-unit operators and real estate developers.

– Target Outcome: Attract qualified leads for multi-unit franchise opportunities and real estate development projects.

 2. Audience Identification:

– Primary Audience: Multi-unit operators, real estate developers.

– Secondary Audience: Industry influencers, potential franchise partners.

 3. Feed Content Strategy:

– Educational Content: Share articles, infographics, and videos that provide value to your target audience, such as market trends, investment opportunities, and case studies of successful multi-unit operations.

– Testimonials and Success Stories: Highlight success stories of existing multi-unit franchisees or successful real estate projects.

– LinkedIn Articles: Regularly publish in-depth articles on LinkedIn to establish thought leadership.

 4. LinkedIn Groups Participation:

– Active Participation: Engage in relevant LinkedIn groups where your target audience is active. Share insights, answer questions, and participate in discussions.

– Group Creation: Consider creating an exclusive group for multi-unit operators and real estate developers to share insights and network.

 5. LinkedIn Company Page:

– Regular Updates: Share consistent updates on your LinkedIn page, focusing on relevant content for multi-unit operators and developers.

– Sponsored Content: Utilize LinkedIn’s sponsored content to reach a broader audience outside your immediate network.

 6. LinkedIn Events:

– Webinars and Virtual Meetups: Organize events that appeal to your target audience, such as webinars on franchising trends, investment strategies, and real estate market insights.

– Event Promotion: Promote these events through your LinkedIn page, groups, and direct invitations to selected profiles.

 7. Targeted Messaging to 1st Connections:

– Personalized InMail Campaigns: Use LinkedIn InMail to reach out to potential leads with personalized messages.

– Follow-Up: After initial contact, follow up with additional information or an invitation to a one-on-one discussion.

 8. Networking and Partnership Building:

– Connect and Engage: Regularly connect with new profiles, engage with their content, and build a network within the industry.

– Partnerships: Collaborate with industry influencers for wider exposure.

 9. Performance Tracking and Optimization:

– Analytics: Use LinkedIn analytics to track engagement, reach, and conversion rates.

– Feedback and Adaptation: Gather feedback from interactions and events, and adapt your strategy accordingly.

 10. Integration with Other Marketing Efforts:

– Ensure your LinkedIn strategy is integrated with your other marketing channels for a cohesive brand message.

 11. Timeline and Milestones:

– Establish a timeline for each phase of the strategy, with specific milestones to measure progress.


This marketing/lead generation plan is designed to leverage LinkedIn’s robust networking and content-sharing capabilities to effectively target and engage with multi-unit operators and real estate developers. 

The success of this strategy hinges on consistent, value-driven engagement and the ability to adapt based on feedback and performance metrics.

If this sounds like a program you want to know about as a franchisor, supplier or multi-unit operator, contact us.

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