Addressing the challenges of franchise operations and the forgetting curve requires a tech-forward dynamic approach to how information and updates are distributed and reinforced within the franchise network. Below are solutions that leverage technology to combat these issues effectively:

Solutions to Combat the Forgetting Curve and Enhance Compliance

1. Cloud-Based Operations Manual: Implement a cloud-based operations manual that can be accessed anytime and anywhere by franchisees on mobile or any device. This approach ensures that the most current information is always available, making it easier to keep content up-to-date. A cloud-based system allows for instant updates to the manual, ensuring that all franchisees have access to the latest procedures and information as soon as they are available.

2. Role & Permission Based Access on Mobile Devices: Deploy the operations manual and training materials through an app on every employee’s mobile phone, with content tailored to their specific role and permission levels. This ensures that employees only access information relevant to their job functions, reducing complexity and focusing on the most pertinent information they need to perform their roles successfully.

3. Unified Communications Platform: Integrate a unified communications platform that encompasses all levels of the franchise from the unit level to the C-suite. This platform should support instant notifications and updates, direct messaging, and group communications. Such a system ensures that when updates are made, everyone in the franchise system is promptly notified and can communicate about these changes in real-time. Use a “there can be only one” mantra for communications and drop Slack, Whatsapp, text, emails, phone calls (which often turn into voicemails) for support requests so nothing falls through the cracks and left unaddressed.

4. Automated Checkpoint Routines and Reminders: Utilize the unified operations platform to send regular reminders and setup automated checkpoint routines for franchisees and their employees to use for the each position’s mission critical job and compliance functions. These reminders help combat the forgetting curve by consistently reinforcing key information and procedures. With your brand’s standard operating procedures customized into checkpoint routines the people doing the job function get the satisfaction of that routine being done right and to standard with proven records for management at the unit level all the way up to the HQ support center where management can see on dashboards all they need to know and what needs fixing.

5. Real-Time Feedback and Support: Allow franchisees to provide real-time feedback through the same mobile platform. This can help identify areas where the manual may be lacking clarity or where additional training is required. Moreover, real-time support can be provided through this platform, allowing for immediate resolution of queries or issues, thus reducing downtime and potential non-compliance.

Implementing these solutions not only addresses the forgetting curve but also enhances overall compliance and standardization across the franchise. By leveraging cloud technology and unified communications, franchisors can ensure that their operations manuals are not just static documents but dynamic tools that evolve continuously and support the franchisees and their teams effectively and have happy people who feel successful in their jobs.

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