Sales Calls

You got Leads.
They aren’t phoning You.
What are You doing about it?

Stop communicating “I’m here to sell my franchise” in subject lines.

People are cleaning out their inbox. Don’t give them a reason to reject you.

What we communicate is not what customers hear.

People filter. On email, social media… everywhere.

They skim. Then, assume your intent.

They interpret meaning based on what they believe — not on the meaning itself.

Bottom line: There’s a good chance your subject lines are signaling “please ignore me.”

Here’s an example …

As little as possible.

Leads don’t want to hear about it. They will learn from your web content.

Instead, help them do what they WANT to do — talk about themselves with you.

Here’s an example…

Not if you’re making them jump through hoops.

What do we mean by “Hoop Making?”

Telling people to take actions they don’t want to take and are not necessary for the sale.

Here’s an example…


No call to action. Avoid them in sales outreach.

Instead, provoke curiosity.

This is not as easy to do, and breaks rules. But it generates more meetings.

Here’s why: A call to action is an attempt to coerce, at best. At worst it’s seen as a bossy command.

If someone tells you “Click this link” will you?

Now switch it. Let’s say what you read made you genuinely curious. Then, they ask, “Are you open to taking the next step?”

See the difference? They’re acknowledging your right to choose.

Here’s another example in franchising…

One which does not persuade. Potential franchise owners act on messages which are less persuasive, less educational and more curiosity-driven.

Leads value information they ask for more. They value information we offer less. They see unsolicited “education” as a poorly disguised sales pitch.

Instead, help them want to request more details rather than persuade them to act. Effective copywriting helps customers persuade themselves to take the next step.

Here’s an example…

By not asking for one. Instead, earn it… attract them to the idea of meeting. Avoid looking like a beggar.

The more you ask for what you want, the less you get it.

The more you demonstrate how you want the other person the more they push back. Just like in dating.

Telling someone “I truly want”… or how important they are… or how you would “love to” hear from or show them is a mistake.

Because it lowers your status in the other person’s eyes. We look like a needy, desperate beggar.

Here’s an example…