Our selective account lead generation program involves: content creation our curation, email distribution, click tracking, lead qualification, proposal creation, when appropriate direct outreach, and client coaching. 

The email distribution, click tracking and direct outreach are done for you.

The content creation or curation, proposal creation, and coaching are done with you, on our weekly meetings.

To establish an effective workflow for your lead generation program, it’s crucial to clearly define the roles and steps involved. 

Here’s our current workflow, broken down by roles and monthly timeline:

Weekly 1-4 Workflow

# Week 1: Content Gathering and Preparation

1. Client Liaison:

   – Communicates with the client to request an article that demonstrates their thought leadership.  It can be something that they have written or some news article that they want to talk about.

   – Provides guidelines and deadlines for content submission.

2. Content Team:

   – Reviews and edits the submitted article for clarity, engagement, and compliance with email standards.

# Week 2: Email Campaign Preparation

1. Marketing Team:

   – Designs the News email template incorporating the client’s article, and other interesting topics.

   – Segments the 10,000-target mailing list to ensure relevance and engagement.

2. IT/Data Team:

   – Sets up click tracking tools within the email to monitor recipient engagement.

# Week 3: Email Distribution

1. Marketing Team:

   – Finalizes and sends out the News email to the segmented list of multi-unit chain operators in the restaurant space.

# Week 4: Data Collection and Analysis

1. IT/Data Team:

   – Collects data on who clicked the article.

   – Analyzes click patterns to identify potential leads.

2. Sales Team:

   – Reviews click data to qualify leads based on predetermined criteria.

   – Compiles a list of 20 potential leads for outreach.

# Continuous: Client Coaching and Outreach

1. Client Liaison and Sales Team:

   – Provides ongoing coaching to the client on how to conduct their own outreach using the leads generated.

   – Assists in creating tailored proposal campaigns for the qualified leads.

2. Direct Outreach (if applicable):

   – The Sales Team may also engage in direct outreach to the qualified leads, scheduling calls or meetings as needed.


– Feedback Loop: Regular meetings between teams should be scheduled to discuss the campaign’s performance and any adjustments needed.

– Client Interaction: Maintain consistent communication with the client throughout the process, updating them on the campaign’s progress and seeking their feedback.

– Lead Nurturing: For leads that are not immediately qualified, consider a nurturing program to keep them engaged until they are ready to move forward.

– Evaluation and Reporting: At the end of the 4-month period, evaluate the campaign’s effectiveness and provide a detailed report to the client.

Our workflow is flexible to accommodate specific client needs and various industry regulations.

Regular reviews and adaptations of the strategy are key to maintaining its effectiveness.

If this sounds like a program you want to know about as a franchisor, supplier or multi-unit operator, contact us.

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